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What Does Racism Feel Like?

Amid fear and panic of the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-Asian racism among Canadians wrote itself into our common history. Chinese Canadians, many of whom have deep, multi-generational roots in this country, experienced racism along with other Asian communities and Indigenous peoples, anyone seen as “Chinese”.

These are some of the many reported incidents of micro-aggressions, hate incidents and hate crimes told from the point of view of victims of racism in Canada. This list is representative of the Asian Canadian experience during the pandemic, and it is not a complete list of incidents. Many types of racially motivated aggression often go unreported, or they do not make it into the news.

Through the pandemic, Chinese and Asian Canadians began reporting hate incidents to CCNC-SJ’s community allies, including Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter’s “Fight Covid-19 Racism” website, and Vancouver-based Project 1907’s Racism Incident Reporting Centre. Other witness accounts can be found at Montreal-based Groupe d’entraide contre le racisme envers les asiatiques au Quebec (GECREAQ).

Want to report an incident? Please click here and fill out a quick questionnaire in English, French, or Chinese.

Lily Maya Wang and Kyungseo Min – Montreal, Quebec

McGill law student Lily Maya Wang and Kyungseo Min have teamed up to document racism against Asian Canadians in Montreal during the pandemic. Every time I have to leave my house I’m nervous. Not just because of the virus, but because I’m not sure how people will react if I’m near them.” Click here for

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Andy Somphanthabansouk – Montreal, Quebec

“Hello and thanks for accepting me into the group. I must share my bad experience with you. Since I don’t know if I did something good or bad… Monday I was waiting for the bus to go to the SQDC at Mirabel. A female cyclist with a group stopped (beside me); “Damn Chinese, it’s because

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Fo Niemi – Montreal, Quebec

“In the age of coronavirus, the spectre of the “Yellow Peril” has returned. Chinese and other Asian people are blamed, mistrusted and hated for COVID-19.”  – Fo Niemi, Center Research-Action on Race Relations Click here for the full news story.

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Asian Canadian Montrealers talk about the experience of being racially targeted by other Quebeckers, in a roundup of incidents reported by Le Tele Journal host Pascale Nadeau, on April 11, 2020. “… nous sortir et porte une masque, en plus d’etre asiatique, c’est comme ca qu’on met un cible en effet sur notre front.” /

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Russell Yuen – North Bay, Ontario

Actor Russell Yuen, a fourth-generation Chinese Canadian, took a break from filming Swan, while in North Bay, Ontario, where a man accosted him and blamed Yuen for COVID-19. “He said, ‘Why are you not wearing a f*****g mask?’ and ‘Get the f*** away from me’.”  “The gentleman said, ‘Oh it’s nice out here,’ and I

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Short film depicts pain from coronavirus racism – Kingston, Ontario

Queen’s University students held a COVID-19 themed party in early February 2020, prompting Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhang to consider the pain of social isolation in his short film Wuhan–Toronto, 2020.02.14. It explores the hurt and emotional trauma of the Chinese Canadian community. Right now people feel scared to show that ‘I’m a Chinese (person) on

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