Stop Online Hate

Social media platforms are ACTIVELY spreading online hate

Social media platforms promote hate by promoting and therefore spreading controversial content like online hate because it drives up interactions.

Anti-Hate speech laws have been REMOVED and current laws are INEFFECTIVE in prosecuting and combatting online hate

With the removal of section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act in 2013, Canada’s current laws fail to adequately address hate speech of any kind, let alone online hate. Instead, the law requires a complicated and often unsuccessful criminal prosecution to prosecute and remove any hate speech.

What needs to CHANGE

  • That there be a robust definition of hate speech that encapsulates cases of veiled racism and fake news, and that does not require proof of intent. 
  • That social media companies be compelled to remove hate speech expeditiously. 
  • That an AI (artificial intelligence) or otherwise automated identification and notification tool be developed and adopted to flag hate speech for removal. 
  • That a tribunal be set up to make determinations of whether content constitutes hate speech and is empowered to compel the removal or re-upload of content.  
  • That penalties be sufficiently high to discourage social media companies from allowing harmful material on their platforms, as opposed to a “cost of business”. 
  • That at least some portion of those penalties be provided to injured parties and communities.

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CCNC-SJ is working with others, including the Schwartz Reizman Institute’s Professor Ishtiaque Ahmed to harness and develop Artificial Intelligence tools and algorithmic learning to track hate speech on social media. 

Our tool will identify trends in hate speech, identify and fact check with the option of hiding online hate and fake news in social media posts.

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