T&T Supermarket worker stands up to racism

Kudos to the unidentified T&T Supermarket employee in Mississauga, Ont., who stood his ground amid the racist onslaught of a customer who refused to wear a face mask, as the contagion spread in July 2020. The employee was repeatedly verbally assaulted and threatened and told “to go back to China,” before the customer eventually left the store. T&T chief executive Tina Lee backed her staff members’ actions, while Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie condemned the assault.

“We are Canadian. I am Canadian.”

Police later issued a summons for a suspect, identified in video as John McCash of Mississauga.

Also see Tina Lee, CEO OF T&T’s to the Toronto Star:  ‘We felt we were swimming against the tide’: New research highlights untold story of GTA Chinese community’s proactive response to COVID-19.

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