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Video Series

Presented by the Chinese Canadian National Council – for Social Justice (CCNC-SJ), these 2 part video series was made by teachers with the support of students, families, and organizations from the Asian Canadian community, and was made possible with the generous support of the Government of Canada.


For students grades 4 and Up, this 6 part series helps students learn about racism in Canada and how to fight it in their communities!
Topics Include:
  • Understanding Race and Racism
  • Types of Racism
  • Racism and Other Forms of Discrimination
  • Impacts of Racism
  • Fighting Racism: It Isn’t Always Easy
  • Fighting Racism: What Can You Do?


Our “Community Conversations” is 6 part video series portraying the affects of racism and how children, families, and communities can safely engage.
Topics Include:
  • Understanding Common Misconceptions About Race: A Family Conversation
  • Responding to Racism: A Family Conversation
  • Allyship and Agency: Supporting your Peers
  • Conversations About Race:  Parent Perspective
  • Conversations About Race:  Family Perspective
  • Conversations About Race:  Youth Perspective
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