Youths charged in attacks on 80-year-old grandmother – Pembroke, ON

“It’s shocking that a town that marches for Black Lives Matter still breeds hate toward people of colour. As one of the only Asian families in Pembroke –growing up we were looked down upon. I specifically remember an incident regarding a friend’s parent, they had said, ‘Cindy has nothing, look at her family, if she can be successful so can you,’” writes Cindy Tran, describing the trauma her family continues to experience since her grandmother was attacked and her home vandalized.

“This place that people call home is a shit hole for people of colour.”

Mayor Mike LeMay says he won’t let Pembroke be “defined by racism”, but Ontario Provincial Police have already dismissed hate as a motivating factor in charges laid against three youths, without giving reasons.

CCNC-SJ stands with Tran, and Mayor LeMay, but questions the OPP decision not to pursue hate crimes.

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