Bus rider recounts racism in Broisbriand – Montreal, QC

Un conducteur d’autobus raconte un incident de racisme à Boisbriand – Montréal, QC

“Hello and thanks for accepting me into the group. I must share my bad experience with you. Since I don’t know if I did something good or bad… Monday I was waiting for the bus to go to the SQDC at Mirabel.

A female cyclist with a group stopped (beside me);

“Damn Chinese, it’s because of you this damn virus!”

I responded: “No problem, Ma’am, enjoy your $2,000 (Canadian Emergency Relief Benefit).

She showed me her middle finger and a big f*** you when she left, with the rest of her group following her example.

I was on (Chemin) Grand-Cote in Boisbriand, and I have never seen this before.

At first I was like “WTF”? But later on the bus, I was shocked and upset.”

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