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Allies / Alliés

From frontline health care workers to those in our communities who are speaking out – and calling out – racism in Canada in all its forms, we have many allies.

Our experiences during COVID-19, as Chinese and Asian Canadians, and Indigenous peoples, coincide with the global Black Lives Matter protests against anti-Black racism in law enforcement and other forms of systemic racism, stemming from the aftermath of the murder of Black American George Floyd.

Global solidarity for racial justice and equity for all brings hope to those on the frontlines changing our society to become truly more inclusive.

Share your Canadian experience in the fight against anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic here.

Des travailleurs de la santé de première ligne à ceux de nos collectivités qui s’expriment – et dénoncent – le racisme au Canada sous toutes ses formes, nous avons de nombreux alliés.

Nos expériences pendant la COVID-19, en tant que Canadiens chinois et asiatiques, et peuples autochtones, coïncident avec les manifestations mondiales Black Lives Matter contre le racisme anti-noir dans l’application de la loi et d’autres formes de racisme systémique, découlant des conséquences du meurtre du noir américain, George Floyd.

La solidarité mondiale pour la justice raciale et l’équité pour tous apporte de l’espoir à ceux qui sont en première ligne et changent notre société pour devenir vraiment plus inclusive.

Partagez votre expérience canadienne dans la lutte contre le racisme anti-asiatique pendant la pandémie du COVID-19 ici.

Chinese ‘did the right thing’ to curb community spread, says BC doctor

La communauté chinoise a «fait ce qu’il fallait» pour freiner le virus, déclare un médecin Dr. Peter Phillips, a UBC infectious diseases specialist, says Chinese Canadians and other overseas Chinese should be recognized for trying to prepare and help the communities where they live for the pandemic.  “[The Chinese community] saw it coming and .

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Corporate Canada steps up to lead change on systemic racism

L’Entreprise Canada s’engage à diriger le changement sur le racisme systémique Corporate Canada starts to show its support for anti-Asian racism by ejecting former cabinet minister from their boards and advisory roles, after he denies systemic racism still exists in Canada. “We believe that systemic racism is real and that it can only be addressed

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Asian Canadian health-care workers a majority on frontlines

Les travailleurs de la santé canadienne d’origine asiatique sont majoritaires en première ligne Chinese Canadian nurse Stephanie Chiang works on the frontline at a Vancouver hospital where “40 to 50 per cent” of staff are ethnic minorities, offering care to all Canadians amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  “Maybe I’m not as much of an easy target.

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Actor Simu Liu shines light on anti-Asian racism in CBC interview

L’acteur Simu Liu fait la lumière sur le racisme anti-asiatique dans une interview à CBC Canadian actor Simu Liu, who will play the lead character in the Marvel film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” slated for release in 2021, talks to CBC’s Q host Tom Power about anti-Asian racism “I know that

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ER physician urges victims of COVID-19 racism to speak out

Un médecin travaillant à l’urgence exhorte les victimes du racisme COVID-19 à s’exprimer Dr. Joan Cheng, an ER physician at Markham Stouffville Hospital, north of Toronto, has treated patients who are victims of racism amid COVID-19. To the cowardly f***ers who did this: Think about the healthcare providers you will encounter when you are sick

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