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Allies / Alliés

From frontline health care workers to those in our communities who are speaking out – and calling out – racism in Canada in all its forms, we have many allies.

Our experiences during COVID-19, as Chinese and Asian Canadians, and Indigenous peoples, coincide with the global Black Lives Matter protests against anti-Black racism in law enforcement and other forms of systemic racism, stemming from the aftermath of the murder of Black American George Floyd.

Global solidarity for racial justice and equity for all brings hope to those on the frontlines changing our society to become truly more inclusive.

Share your Canadian experience in the fight against anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic here.

Des travailleurs de la santé de première ligne à ceux de nos collectivités qui s’expriment – et dénoncent – le racisme au Canada sous toutes ses formes, nous avons de nombreux alliés.

Nos expériences pendant la COVID-19, en tant que Canadiens chinois et asiatiques, et peuples autochtones, coïncident avec les manifestations mondiales Black Lives Matter contre le racisme anti-noir dans l’application de la loi et d’autres formes de racisme systémique, découlant des conséquences du meurtre du noir américain, George Floyd.

La solidarité mondiale pour la justice raciale et l’équité pour tous apporte de l’espoir à ceux qui sont en première ligne et changent notre société pour devenir vraiment plus inclusive.

Partagez votre expérience canadienne dans la lutte contre le racisme anti-asiatique pendant la pandémie du COVID-19 ici.

Race, a tough—but necessary—topic at the dinner table

La race, un sujet difficile – mais nécessaire – à la table du diner Asian Canadians are finding ways to have difficult conversations with older generations about race in Canada, including talking about anti-Black racism, and how our communities share common ground. “It’s a way to show disapproval, but silence also has the effect of

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Chinese Canadian groups band together to document nation-wide racism

Des groupes sino-canadiens s’unissent pour documenter le racisme à l’échelle nationale Project 1907, based in Vancouver, and Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter (CCNCTO) are collecting data on hate incidents and hate crime in Canada. “What we are seeing in the news right now are some of the most violent cases. This racism reporting form

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United Nation receives report on rampant anti-Asian racism in Canada

L’ONU reçoit un rapport sur le racisme anti-asiatique rampant au Canada Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice and Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic submit a joint report on anti-Asian racism in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic to the United Nations Special Rapporteur. “…since the outbreak of the pandemic, anti-Asian hate speech has proliferated

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Public consultation reveals racism systemic in local government

Une consultation publique révèle le racisme systémique à Montréal The Office de consultation publique de Montréal released a report on June 15, 2020, with 38 recommendations to address systemic racism in local government and police, after hearing from 7,000 people who reported racial profiling, including in employment, and other instances of discrimination. “Let’s hope this

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Saskatchewan Chinese community rallies against virus allegations

La communauté chinoise de la Saskatchewan se mobilise contre les allégations de transport de virus Following the arrest of a suspect in an alleged racist attack on a 15-year-old Chinese boy in Saskatoon, about 100 people marched against racism. “They thought that Chinese carried the virus to Saskatoon, trying to spread the virus all over

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Canadian actor Sandra Oh stands up in support of #BLM

L’actrice canadienne Sandra Oh soutient #BLM Asian Canadian actors stand up for #BlackLivesMatter, building understanding about allyship and the importance of not centering our own “model minority” narrative within the experiences of being racialized. “I bow with acknowledgement of my hypocrisy, my shame and the failure of myself and my community to look beyond our

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