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From frontline health care workers to those in our communities who are speaking out – and calling out – racism in Canada in all its forms, we have many allies.

Our experiences during COVID-19, as Chinese and Asian Canadians, and Indigenous peoples, coincide with the global Black Lives Matter protests against anti-Black racism in law enforcement and other forms of systemic racism, stemming from the aftermath of the murder of Black American George Floyd.

Global solidarity for racial justice and equity for all brings hope to those on the frontlines changing our society to become truly more inclusive.

Share your Canadian experience in the fight against anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic here.

Sandra Oh

Asian Canadian actors stand up for #BlackLivesMatter, building understanding about allyship and the importance of not centering our own “model minority” narrative within the experiences of being racialized. “I bow with acknowledgement of my hypocrisy, my shame and the failure of myself and my community to look beyond our own experience.”’ Click here to view

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Saskatoon’s Chinese community speaks out against COVID-19 racism

Following the arrest of a suspect in an alleged racist attack on a 15-year-old Chinese boy in Saskatoon, about 100 people marched against racism. “They thought that Chinese carried the virus to Saskatoon, trying to spread the virus all over the world. But actually, this is not the case.” Click here for the full news

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Filling the gap in data on anti-Asian racism in Canada

Project 1907, based in Vancouver, and Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter (CCNCTO) are collecting data on hate incidents and hate crime in Canada. “What we are seeing in the news right now are some of the most violent cases. This racism reporting form that we’ve created is telling us that there’s a lot more

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Joint Submission to: The Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance

Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice and Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic submit a joint report on anti-Asian racism in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic to the United Nations Special Rapporteur. “…since the outbreak of the pandemic, anti-Asian hate speech has proliferated on social media platforms, fueled by right-wing extremists who are using

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Montreal city council unanimously denounces anti-Asian racism

Community groups and the Center for Research and Race Relations ask Montreal city council to “unanimously and vigorously denounce acts of hatred, discrimination, and violence directed against Montrealers of various Asian origins” since the start of the pandemic. Council voted in favour of the motion on June 16, 2020. “This is a very, very powerful

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