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COVID-19 Stories

The Media Needs to Confront Racism in Canada

Many Canadians have experienced intense emotions watching the election unfold in our neighbour to the south. Those of us fighting for social justice have feared the possibility of four more years of Donald Trump and the continuing destructive impact on society, well beyond the U.S. borders. We experience something visceral and deeply personal when we

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The Shame of Being Chinese by Amy Zhou

How COVID forced me to reflect on my Chinese identity and drive across the country to encourage others to do the same “He’s still filming me.”, I thought, nervously, as I crossed the road to my car. It’s been two months since the pandemic first began and I was unloading stuff from my car at

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I am Canadian, but do you see me as one?

Yet another video has gone viral within the social media platforms frequented by Chinese Canadians about a customer refusing to wear a mask inside a store.  At first brush, this video is no different from others as it depicts a white guy arguing with a clerk inside T&T, a Chinese supermarket, in Mississauga, over the wearing

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In Response to Racist Bryan Adams Defenders

Dear Paul, Joe and Jim, I wanted to thank you all personally for your spirited – yet still racist – defense of Canadian rock music icon Bryan Adams and his now infamous post on Instagram that targeted Chinese Canadians by creating bias and prejudice against us through making false statements about wrongly attributed cultural habits.

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