1 thought on “Chinese Canadian Communities Call for Direct Action to Address Systemic Racism in Canada”

  1. I have had all sorts of comments growing up from micro aggressions to outright racism. I thought being teased in high school for eating Asian food (which is now popular and mainstream) was bad and as I was never taught about racism in high school I didn’t really know it was a thing until it kept happening over and over as I grew up. Moreso as an adult. From being constantly asked if I’m adopted, where I’m really from, why I speak French so well (99% from white Quebecers, ALWAYS from absolute complete strangers at the grocery store or any store) it’s insulting.

    More recently at Igloofest, I had 2 incidents. One guy in a coureur des bois outfit passed by me, pulled his eyes to the side and went ching chang chong as he ran by. He, would not have remembered this. I, do. It scarred me. Every incident is a new cut in an unhealed wound. And then this February, some guy saw me at Igloofest and coughed and went coronavirus, he thought I didn’t see. I did. I got very upset. I eventually got on the phone with the director of Operations to share this incident in hopes they can make it a more safe environment and prepare their staff better to handle these. These, are just SOME of the MANY incidents I’ve come across. I’m also queer, and a woman. I have to worry about my safety in many different ways all the time. When I travel, when I get stopped by authority who are white, etc etc.

    For some reason, the burden of proof and education always falls on marginalized groups, and we are TIRED. You pay tuition for school because education is costly. And ignorance is costing lives. And education from marginalized groups to privileged groups, is costly – and we don’t get paid for this. Even with proof, it’s still always an uphill battle to be believed. Look at any cases of BLM, police brutality, the metoo movement. Even more recently the repulsive law in Ontario that passed to allow intoxication to be a valid reason to be acquitted for sexual assault. It’s repulsive. How are we, in Canada, a country we claim to be so safe, in 2020, still having to deal with these? In daily lives? In the courts?

    Sometimes I talk about it, sometimes I don’t. Just because we aren’t as vocal, it doesn’t mean it’s a problem. When I tell friends outside of Canada that this happens in our country, they are SURPRISED. Canada has a great international reputation, but the truth is we have it, quite a bit. From subtle to racial profiling. It exists right here at home. We need to have proper discussions, learn about it in school, continue having the conversation and have better laws and school curriculum to encourage empathy and protection for ALL Canadians.

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