Toronto For All

Challenging residents to speak out against and shut down anti-East Asian hate

By taking a proactive stance and partnering with the City of Toronto on the ‘Toronto For All’ public education campaign, we are encouraging and challenging Toronto residents to speak out against and shut down anti-East Asian hate. In a world and city where stereotypes and discrimination persist, we believe that education is a powerful tool to combat biases and promote understanding.

– Amy Go, President, Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice

CCNC-SJ is pleased to collaborate with the City of Toronto to co-design, develop, and implement the 2023 Toronto For All campaign on Anti-East Asian Racism. Toronto For All is a City of Toronto public education initiative with guidance and direction from a Community Advisory Council, comprised of members from community organizations, educators, and leaders from East-Asian communities in Toronto, to generate awareness and dialogue among its residents and visitors to speak out against anti-East Asian hate and prejudice.

The City and the Community Advisory Council engaged in a collaborative and detailed process to develop a meaningful and impactful design concept representative of the feedback, concerns and lived experiences shared by Canadians of East-Asian heritage in Toronto.

The City of Toronto launched its first campaign in 2016 with a focus on Islamophobia. Since then, campaigns have been created to combat issues like Black and East Asian Racism, Homelessness, Intimate Partner Violence, Ageism, Mental Health, and most recently, Antisemitism. This is the 14th “Toronto For All” campaign focussing on anti-East Asian racism.

The new campaign features three different illustrative designs that highlight popular and valued East Asian influences in Toronto such as enjoying a bubble tea, listening to K-pop music, and learning Mandarin, Toronto’s second-most commonly spoken language. Through simple and direct questions, the campaign calls on society to consider what they can do to end anti-East Asian racism.

Campaign posters will appear in transit shelters throughout Toronto, in community centers and libraries, on the City’s social media channels, and The posters will be shared by Community Advisory Council members through their networks and provided to other City partners to post and share.

Let’s end anti-East Asian racism.

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