“ ‘Too Asian?’ ” (2010)

Chinese Canadians continued to suffer under deliberate cultural racism and misrepresentation. In 2010, Maclean’s news magazine published an article, in its 2010 University Rankings edition, titled “ ‘Too Asian’? ”, in reference to admissions at certain Canadian universities and colleges. The community mobilized again to challenge the overt white privilege and “othering” of Chinese Canadians in the article, with a series of campus town halls, media releases and events that successfully called out the magazine editors and writers. Later,  Maclean’s received scholarly treatment of its yellow journalism, when the community further responded with the publication of “Too Asian”: Racism, Privilege and Post-secondary Education.

There are many other examples of racism framing our Canadian experience. Left unchecked, and unchallenged, racism has written its way into our common past and present. Will it continue to define our future as Canadians?

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