Snapshot of anti-Asian racism in Canada (2008)

MICRO-AGGRESSION: Chinese Canadians are often targeted for casual racism in Canadian politics and daily life. Political strategist and pundit Warren Kinsella was caught off-guard making denigrating comments about Chinese food in a publicly accessible personal video blog post in November 2008. He later apologized, but only after Canadians cried foul.

FRAMING RACE: Six years after writing a column for The Globe and Mail in the aftermath of the 2006 Dawson College shootings, which resulted in her firing from the newspaper, Chinese Canadian journalist Jan Wong wrote her side of the story.

“Unless you have experienced racism, it is hard to explain its corrosiveness. You feel frightened and violated and impotent all at once. When race is perceived to be a factor, the hurt from almost any slight, even an innocent, unintended one, can last a lifetime.” 

HATE CRIME: In May 2008, the Ontario Human Rights Commission released the report of its inquiry into what was called “nipper-tipping” – that is, systemic racism related to attacks on Asian Canadian anglers across the province. CCNC-SJ and Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic (CSALC) worked with OHRC by providing community support, an incident reporting hotline, and victim impact statements in a related court case, in which racially motivated hate was determined as a factor in the commission of several crimes. 

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