Calls to action: #FaceRace and #StopTheSpread (2020)

“As part of their regular public briefings about COVID-19, political leaders should also report the number of incidents of anti-Asian racism and hate. Rallying public attention and stigmatizing racism should be an integral part of the strategy to combat COVID-19

– Amy Go, President of Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice

Racism related to COVID-19 has been particularly virulent throughout North America and the world, with U.S. President Donald Trump openly promoting bias, disinformation, and blame against China and Chinese people.

This xenophobia has spilled over the Canada-US border and poisoned Canadian politics and society, even pitting a Conservative Party leadership candidate against Canada’s CMO.

CCNC-SJ has stepped up calls for Ottawa and provincial and territorial governments to closely monitor, report, and prosecute incidents of hate, discrimination and violence. They are also co-ordinating tracking of anti-Asian racism with community allies Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter (CCNCTO), through its incident reporting tool “Fight Covid-19 Racism”, and Vancouver-based Project 1907’s “Racism Incident Reporting Centre”.

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