Who we are

CCNC-SJ is an organization that educates, engages and advocates for equity and justice for all in Canada.

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Get to know the leaders in the fight against racism.

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Our Roots & Goals

The original Chinese Canadian National Council (CCNC) was founded in 1980, after successful nation-wide protests against a racist TV show that falsely depicted Chinese Canadian students in our universities as foreigners (CTV W5 episode – “Campus Giveaway”). This marked the beginning of four decades of community activism to fight for equality and human rights. See more details in“Our History of Resilience.”

In 2019, a group of Chinese Canadian activists from all generations, including many former CCNC Presidents and Board members, came together to revive and re-incorporate CCNC. Our group is built on an impressive history of community activism, with a renewed commitment to educate, engage and advocate for equity and social justice for all in Canada.

In carrying out its Mission, CCNC-SJ’s goals in 2020 are shaped of course by the current outbreaks in anti-Asian racism caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our main project is Empowering, Engaging, and Equipping Canadians to Combat Anti-Asian Racism through Online Resources and Social Media. Working together with our community partners, CCNC-SJ is focused on:

  1. Collecting and analyzing data and incident reports;
  2. Amplifying our advocacy and education through media and social media; and
  3. Creating online tools and resources to support the growing needs of Asian Canadians and others to respond to racism.

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